The new iNELS mobile application is revolutionary. In what ways exactly?

“Forget the solutions you’ve known so far. The new iNELS mobile application brings you completely new possibilities,” reads one of the introductory sentences in the materials published by the ELKO EP development team at the end of last year.

Is the new application really a revolution and how does it differ from the previous solutions that the company has been offering for more than 10 years? We asked Daniel Bernát, Head of Software Development.

This is not an evolution, but a fundamental revolution!

“The new mobile application is just the first step in opening up a preview of the new user experience for users of our smart installations. At first glance, the application is likely to impress with its appearance and newly created user interface. Although it may seem that this is only a newer version of the original application, these are actually fundamental changes in the architecture of the entire iNELS system. We have tried to keep the proven elements from previous applications, and at the moment when we launch the application with the new eLAN-RF-103 system unit, it may seem that there is no big change. In reality, however, the new eLAN-RF-103 is just the first of a series of new system units using the iNELS IP communication protocol. This means that the iNELS RF wireless portfolio, which you can manage using the new eLAN-RF-103 unit, will be followed by new central units managing all bus elements from the iNELS BUS portfolio,” says Daniel Bernát.

The biggest change is in the approach

“Of course, our goal is to meet users’ expectations. This means, above all, creating an intuitive user interface with a modern look, and according to the first feedback, we have managed to fulfill this. A much more important goal for us is to teach our users to perceive how they can use the new mobile application to acquire new functionalities, connect new units and devices or control third-party devices that we will also integrate into the iNELS system,” explains the head of the software team.

The new application connects wireless and bus elements so that the user does not know the difference between them. Cloud connectivity allows us to control remotely as well as control the state of individual devices. User profiles create separate environments so that separate installations such as a house and a cottage can be clearly controlled. A new level of security and the possibility of configuration only in the local network increases the security standard.

New support concept for users and partners

“Thanks to the centralized topology of the new system, we have significantly expanded the capabilities in the field of technical and service support. Now, a support professional can make sure in real time that devices are connected to the cloud and that there are no communication or configuration errors. Thanks to the newly opened project for testers, we are able to capture a lot of situations that could lead to poor functionality or data interpretation in real operation. We also managed to speed up feedback on user suggestions, so if a user has any problem with a new application, we try to solve it in a matter of days,” explains Daniel Bernát

ELKO EP is also preparing a new support system for its partners. In the newly prepared service module, it will be possible to monitor system information about each installation. Partners can thus gain access to this service information with the consent of the end user and thus be able to interactively provide remote support with immediate control in the online service module.

iNELS 2022 will be crucial

“In the last year, we have fundamentally changed the concept of the iNELS system and I firmly believe that in the second half of the year we will have a solution that will significantly change our position on the market,” adds Daniel Bernát, adding that his conviction is based on the above-standard background that ELKO EP provides to its development team.