Sorry, but it was a good year for us

For gloom and complaints don’t look towards Jiří Konečný. Despite the difficult situation, which has also complicated travel and further development for ELKO EP, he reports: “we have had the most economically successful year, which is an extraordinary message with all the restrictions and measures.”

What the father-founder is planning, an award-winning businessman and technological playthings for 2021. That is not enough. After all, there is better evidence than that the company introduced two new branches at the beginning of the year. In an extremely competitive environment in the United Kingdom a new branch and a promising franchise in Serbia.

What promise is there from the new branches?

Of course, first and foremost, good economic results, you decide. But both markets have their charms for us. Britain is a country where everything new is always tested first. People, there are technologically ahead, about two to three years ahead of us. If our products succeed there – and the perspective is not bad at all – it will be proof that even in the Czech Republic we can compete with the very best in the world. Not only within OEM distributions but under our own brand. Serbia is a ticket to the Western Balkans for us. In its eastern part, Bulgaria is already working very well for us, which has become one of the most pleasant surprises in the last three years. The whole region will grow up a lot in the coming years.

To what do you owe last year’s good financial results??

We have a shining star in the form of relays. We produce them in a large, good and high quality. We know that we are among the absolute top in Europe. We have more than 200 products and many of them do not have competition in terms of price and design, which is why customers buy from us even the largest electrical brands to which we supply products. This has been the basis of our business for more than two decades. Some ten years ago, we added a logical superstructure in the form of an intelligent iNELS electrical installation, with which we reached a number of households, residences, hotels, office buildings around the world. We have a wireless and wired solution that works as a kit and can cover everything from demanding customers to those who call for availability and price. Again, logically, we have stepped into the IoT area today, where we bring new solutions based on our natural traditions. Here is a huge opportunity to automate industrial buildings, agriculture, cities.

I’ve noticed that you say automation rather than smart.

Yes, because the word smart has become profaned in the Czech Republic. Everything has begun to be Smart – even what does not meet the basic parameters of any intelligence, progress or technology at all. When they overdid it, officials talked about smart when they exchanged e-mail for paper mail. At the same time, just look at the world and you will see amazing cities that work smart. In Southeast Asia, in the Middle East, some European capitals.

What products and innovations can we look forward to?

As every year, there will be few. Our company is built on innovations directly related to production. If we didn’t innovate for a year, something would be wrong. We are planning improvements in all our categories. In relays, in iNELS and iNELS Air

Can you be more specific?

At the beginning of the year, we introduced the CRM-101, a cheap multifunctional time relay that can save quite a bit of money for little cost. Before starting, there is a new application that covers RF, Air and BUS systems. We are preparing the level switch HRN-9, and voice control of our products. We are preparing a revolution in the field of IoT products, which we want to boost in an order of magnitude more dynamically than in previous years. We want to be even more demanding of ourselves. After all, we are going to the toughest markets in the world. We are starting to prosper in the United States and we see a real chance to succeed in Britain. There, nothing but a top solution has any chance of success.

What is your measure of success?

That I enjoy the work. At the same time, whether we keep our basic elements of DNA – that is, innovative development and several patents each year, and production on-site. I want to be a Czech producer that is world-class. Not a global product that is possible to produce everywhere.