Smart columns for new Kuwait City landmark

Sometimes in business, you don’t have to tread the path from the bottom. But you do manage to enter a new country right through the front door. That happened to our company five years ago when we got the opportunity to participate in Kuwait City’s Smart House 2035, which was being developed directly by the government in partnership with the National Technology Company.

Equipped with renewable energy sources, its own photovoltaic power plant, a grey water reclamation plant and many smart electrical features, the villa is still a vibrant ‘showroom’ where Kuwaitis look for inspiration for their housing. And what projects is ELKO EP Kuwait living with now? We spoke to Mohammed Farhan, who manages the local branch, about this and much more.

What has Kuwait been experiencing in recent months?

Kuwait has been witnessing a consistent upward trajectory in the realm of mega infrastructure projects, simultaneously making significant strides towards sustainability, smart buildings, and the development of a smart city.

Which types of projects are currently being built the most and developing the fastest?

Several projects are currently under development, including Al Mutla City, which is poised to be one of the largest and most modern urban developments in Kuwait. This ambitious project is set to feature over 28,000 residences, marking it as a significant expansion in the nation’s urban landscape.

So far, the most described reference has become the House 2035 building. What is the state of this project now? Does it continue to develop?

The extensive information gleaned from House 2035 has been tremendously beneficial, particularly in the areas of energy monitoring and home management. This house has transformed into a popular destination for numerous Kuwaitis eager to familiarize themselves with smart home control systems, solar energy solutions, electric vehicle charging, and access control. These visits offer valuable education and insights, aiding individuals in making informed decisions before integrating these technologies into their own homes.

What projects are you currently working on?

Currently, our engagement spans across numerous projects within both the residential and commercial sectors, utilizing iNELS BUS and wireless solutions. Additionally, we are involved in three hotel projects. However, our flagship endeavor is the BuKhamseen Square, a towering structure of 68 floors. Here, we are introducing various types of iNELS smart poles, showcasing our commitment to integrating cutting-edge technology in our developments.

Which ELKO EP or iNELS products are currently in the greatest interest?

Wireless solutions are undoubtedly gaining significant momentum across various sectors, including residential, hotel, and retail environments, due to their efficiency and modern technological integration.

How is Kuwait different from other countries in the region? Is he specific about anything in particular?

Kuwait, as a member of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region, is part of a remarkable transformation that is evident and impactful. Each Gulf nation possesses its unique charm and character, yet collectively, they form a unified region sharing the same ambition and vigor to excel and prosper.

How does cooperation work between individual ELKO EP branches in the region?

We maintain regular communication to discuss market needs and new projects within our region, collaborating on joint ventures to enhance our collective efforts.

Which product or solution from the ELKO EP series do you personally like the most?

This question poses a challenge, as I hold a high regard for numerous products. However, my enduring admiration lies with the smart pole, which I view as a cornerstone in the development of a smart city.

How large is the team involved in the projects?

I take great pride in leading a team characterized by intelligence, diversity, and motivation. Comprised of professionals ranging from engineers to technicians, our team of eight members skillfully balances responsibilities between office and on-site locations.