Landal Marina Lipno is managed by iNELS

One of the latest realizations of the company ELKO EP with its smart system iNELS is guaranteed to excite you. This time it is not even from the Middle East, America or Africa, but directly from the Czech Republic.

It is known that Lipno is a great dam on the Vltava River. It is the largest dam reservoir in the territory of the Czech Republic and thanks to this we also call it the Czech Sea. The destination is a popular tourist spot not only for Czech citizens, but is also frequently visited by tourists from Austria, Germany and Holland. This is connected to the demand for high-quality and modern accommodation offered by the Landa Marina Lipno resort. Right here ELKO EP installed the smart wireless electrical installation iNELS, which ensures simple management of the facility.

The implementation took place in the period from 11/2022 – 03/2023.

Elements used:

  • Switching element with external temperature sensor RFSTI-11B, 285 pcs
  • System temperature controller RFTC-10/G, 285 pcs
  • Smart RF box eLAN-RF-103, 40 pcs

At the beginning of this project, the manager of the Landal resort, Marina Lipno, requested the implementation of a system that would allow temperature regulation in the resort’s apartments without the need for physical intervention by technical maintenance. Another requirement was the possibility of connecting the temperature control system to the reservation system. The reservation system will send temperature control information about the occupancy of individual apartments. Based on this information, the temperature in the apartment will increase or decrease. The goal of this system is to reduce energy costs, which are one of the resort’s most important cost items.

When deciding which system to use, the iNELS RF solution won.  The main reason for the win was the ability of the system to function in the existing computer network without the need for changes and major investments in the existing computer network. iNELS RF also offered a simple interface for integration with the existing reservation system.

This project was implemented directly by iNELS CZ in two stages. The first stage took place in cooperation with JH Technik s.r.o., which ensured the installation of receivers in gas boilers. This stage took place as part of the autumn reconstruction of the area. The second stage took place at the beginning of 2023. This stage was carried out by iNELS CZ in cooperation with the investor’s technicians. All installation took place while the resort was in full operation.