iNELS Smart Kits

ELKO EP has been developing, manufacturing and successfully supplying iNELS RF Control wireless wiring units to the market for many years and specialists in the electrical market know these units well.

The products are in the form of individually packaged products or simple sets and are used to simplify home installations or solve non-standard installation problems. iNELS RF Control units are used all over the world not only for installation in apartments or residential buildings, but also as part of complex automation systems for office buildings, hospitals or hotels.

Times is changing

10 years ago, installing a Smart Home system was a difficult process. Specialists from the fields of electricity, water-heating or even IT had to work together on a functional system for an ordinary house. Nowadays, it is enough to ask your electrician to install the elements of a smart home, and it is not unusual for the customer to install such a system himself.

The wireless system is constantly undergoing a whole series of innovations, and the introduction of Smart Sets for sale is one of them. The units included in the sets have changed in terms of design. We now have both classic wireless controls and glass touch panels to choose from. They have changed functionally and structurally. The actuators are newly equipped with screwless terminals and input contacts for existing switches, which enable easier and faster assembly. But the smart home is mainly about system functions, which is why there is diligent innovation in the area of applications and connectivity to other systems. The units in the sets are paired for basic control and ready to be connected to the smart home gateway eLAN-RF-103, which enables control of the units with the application of mobile devices and smart TVs, or connection to the voice assistants Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Through this gateway, they also communicate with other Smart Homes, heating units or photovoltaic systems.

The widest range of smart sets on the market

Since there are really many design versions of control elements, the manufacturer ELKO EP offers a wide range of sets from which the customer can choose the style that suits him. In terms of function, the customer can choose from switching, dimming, blind or heating sets.

In each of the sets there is a wireless switch in a timeless design or another control element that ensures the necessary function. If the customer wants to expand his smart home with any other element, he simply buys it. The RF Control system is so simple and at the same time professional that it does not limit the client in any way.

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