ELKO EP is gaining success in the Emirates. Great references and new strategic partner

Is the United Arab Emirates still a promised land for business? What about the construction boom in the country, which a few weeks ago attracted particular attention with the unexpected floods that hit the extremely popular tourist metropolis of Dubai?

And how is the Czech branch of ELKO EP doing with its intelligent wiring products and iNELS electronic devices, which have particularly targeted hotel chains, where they offer increasingly popular retrofits? We asked Pooja Das, who heads the Middle East branch of the leading Czech exporter in the wealthy country – and is also responsible for the entire region…

First of all, we have recently experienced rainy weather and flooding in the UAE. Is everything okay now?
Yes, Dubai is back in no time. We only had few days transportation issues but everything was running as usual in 2 days.

How is the ELKO EP branch in the region doing?
It’s really going well, awarded with hotel retrofits, many villa automation (retrofit & new), and tower/full building projects etc. We are looking really great from the start of 2024. Had a great start with our partners in UAE. Me Integra is one of them whom we have just started the partnership. ELKO EP and ME Integra has already finalized some villa automation projects.

Which projects have you worked on in the last year?
Royal Private Yacht in AUH, Marina Apartments, Private villa in Palm Jumeirah, Yasmin Villa in Arabian ranches, Villas in Emirates Hills, Dubai Hills etc are few of our major projects.

Do you have any reference projects that you are really proud of?
Royal Private Yacht in Abu Dhabi, Marina Apartments, Private villa in Palm Jumeirah, these projects were really hard, they had more complexity in integration and requirements. We have sucessfully completed the project and we have accomplished the project requirement 100%. Our system made the customer feel happy.

What do you expect from the cooperation and strategic partnership with ME INTEGRA?
Co-corporation with ME INTERGRA is really interesting, they are company with a wide range of ideas, thinking and with really great team. Together with such a team, who has massive energy with them we are expecting tremendous projects. They believe in solution providing, which we are also a big fan of rather than just product selling. We definitely will make changes and our product have the capability for it.

What does your current team for ELKO EP look like?
We have technical support team, we have team who can do the Installation and Testing and commission also.

How are you personally doing?
Doing great.