Czech smart home manufacturer shines in the centre of Limassol

The Mediterranean island of Cyprus is a country that many Czechs have fixed as a tax haven, where some domestic companies go to ‘optimise’ their costs or set up hard-to-trace companies.

This is a bit of a shorthand association, because Cyprus is first and foremost an attractive island state with truly extraordinary tourist potential.

Whether you head to the wild resort of Ayia Napa, the renowned ‘Ibiza’ of the eastern Mediterranean; to Nicosia – in the centre of which you have the opportunity to enter two very different worlds, with the Turkish one in its northern part and the Greek one in its southern part separated by an internationally unrecognised, but all the more closely guarded, border.

And then of course there is Limassol; a modern and rapidly developing city on the southern side of the island. A resort that particularly attracts families with children. It is here, in the Greek Cypriot metropolis of almost 200,000 people, that a significant Czech footprint can be found in new-build projects. The leader among local developers, BBF, has decided to team up with ELKO EP, the largest Czech manufacturer of electrical appliances.

“The whole project took an unusually long time to prepare. Perhaps because unlike mainland Europe, where we are one of the most important manufacturers of wiring and relays; or the Middle East, where we have a number of branches, Cyprus is a bit of a halfway house. The BBF people have been testing us for more than two years to see if we really meet all the criteria – for development, for production, for a good price, but also for service and long-term sustainability,” explains Jan Kapitanov, business developer at ELKO EP.

A project at a truly prestigious address

The result, however, is a collaboration on a project that is causing a particular stir even in the fast-developing city of Limassol. Rosa di Venti is being built in the heart of the city’s tourist area, just 500 metres from the popular Dasoudi sandy beach with its eucalyptus park. It is located in the most prestigious and quiet neighbourhood of Papas; in close proximity to the popular shopping street and an endless array of luxury restaurants. Each suite and penthouse here offers a smart, efficient and purposeful design.

“Our partner put a lot of thought into the functionality and long-term sustainability of the project. He didn’t just want a glitzy building that was just glitz. But he really thought about the details and the efficiency of the whole operation. These were the arguments that finally decided that he chose the iNELS BUS solution. It was not just about the purchase price, but about the overall and long-term operation, in which we are among the absolute world leaders,” adds Jan Kapitanov.