Czech relays successfully conquer the US market

The company ELKO EP celebrates 30 years of existence on the market this year. During this time, it has opened several branches in the most important parts of the world, and now it is proud to open another one directly in the United States of America.

Currently, in the USA, the company ELKO EP focuses exclusively on the sale of electronic modular devices and in the future also on other products from its portfolio. Who runs the branch? What are the current activities? What are the plans? Mr. Jan Pacovsky, a Czech citizen living in the USA, head of the ELKO EP USA branch, will describe to us how such a branch is managed and what it all entails.

Mr. Jan, which product or solution of the Czech manufacturer can most interest American distributors? The US market is very competitive and distributors have vast array of prospective suppliers. For that reason, they are most interested and impressed by unique products. Devices that can not be offered by any other manufacturers and that may make their product portfolio broader and more competitive.

Are US consumers pro-smart or conservative? At the moment, we focus only on the sale of electronic module devices (relays), we plan to sell iNELS smart technologies for the coming period.

Who is your target audience? As a first step, ELKO EP USA focuses on larger and medium-sized distributors of industrial electrical components. Our goal is to create close business relationships with a limited number of reliable partners.

What projects are you currently working on? We are currently working to negotiate the best possible win-win deals with several distributors in various parts of the United States and Canada. Therefore, we would like to cover the most potential areas such as the East Coast, Great Lakes, Texas, etc.

How is the Czech Republic or Central Europe perceived in this region? I can say that 80% of Americans think that we are still Czechoslovakia, located somewhere in Russia or Yugoslavia. I prefer to leave this question diplomatically, because Central Europe does not say anything to the Americans, he smiles.

What are your plans this year? The first year on the market is always complicated for newcomers, especially in such a competitive country. ELKO EP has high quality products at a very reasonable price. During the first year, we have to prove to our distributors that cooperation with us will be beneficial for them. We also work on a highly efficient and fast supply chain to deliver our products as soon as possible. Having RELAYS, CONTACTORS, POWER SUPPLIES and other components IN STOCK is a significant competitive advantage. In the second part of the year, we are planning various marketing campaigns to build brand awareness.

The company ELKO EP has a total of 16 branches in the world and exports to more than 70 countries, in the following period the plan is to keep increasing this number.